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The Immune System Masterclass Series

//The Immune System Masterclass Series

The Immune System Masterclass Series

The Immune System 4 Part Masterclass Series: Join us for an individual masterclass or take all 4 masterclasses on Saturdays from 12 to 6pm. Join us on this plant based journey of looking at the complex immune system through culinary medicine, fermentation, skincare and lifestyle medicine. This is a deep dive into understanding the complex immune system in a comprehensive, informative, practical and empowering way. Book Full Course Now 


Day 1: Masterclass 1: The Immune System Via Culinary Medicine. Book Day 1

Day 2: Masterclass 2: The Immune System Via Fermentation. Book Day 2

Day 3: Masterclass 3: The Immune System Via Skincare. Book Day 3

Day 4: Masterclass 4: The Immune System Via Lifestyle Medicine. Book Day 4


The immune system is a complex system of structures and processes that has evolved to protect us from disease. Molecular and cellular components make up the immune system. The function of these components is divided up into nonspecific mechanisms, those which are innate to an organism, and responsive responses, which are adaptive to specific pathogens. Fundamental or classical immunology involves studying the components that make up the innate and adaptive immune system.

Innate immunity is the first line of defence and is non-specific. That is, the responses are the same for all potential pathogens, no matter how different they may be. Innate immunity includes physical barriers (e.g. skin, saliva etc) and cells (e.g. macrophages, neutrophils, basophils, mast cells etc). These components ‘are ready to go’ and protect an organism for the first few days of infection. In some cases, this is enough to clear the pathogen, but in other instances the first defence becomes overwhelmed and a second line of defence kicks in.

Adaptive immunity is the second line of defence which involves building up memory of encountered infections so can mount an enhanced response specific to the pathogen or foreign substance. Adaptive immunity involves antibodies, which generally target foreign pathogens roaming free in the bloodstream. Also involved are T cells, which are directed especially towards pathogens that have colonised cells and can directly kill infected cells or help control the antibody response.

Masterclass 1: The Immune System Via Culinary Medicine - Saturday 12 to 6 at Plant Based Academy

Plant Based Nutritional Science. Advanced Exploration of Phytochemicals and Plant Hormetic Compounds, Medicinal Liquid Nutrition. Taoist Herbalism & Medicinal Mushrooms. Tonics, Teas, Tinctures & Extractions. The Science of Adaptogenics & Herbal Nootropics. - Phytochemicals Continues with Adaptogenic Herbs.

Masterclass 2: The Immune System Via Fermentation

The Art of Advanced Fermentation & The Science of Gut Microbiota, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics & Psychobiotics. Increasing Phytochemical Content Via Fermentation.The Importance of Fibre. The Vagus Nerve and The Gut Brain Immune Connection.

Masterclass 3: The Immune System Via Skincare

Phytochemicals for the Integumentary System. Plant Based Skin Care & Cosmetics which are Raw Vegan Organic & Edible. Medicinal Face Care Protocol & Nurturing the Moist Envelope of the Soul with Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).

Masterclass 4: The Immune System Via Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Explored and Explained. BioHacking & Functional Health. How to achieve optimum Health, Happiness & Longevity with Passion, vitality and Incredible Relationships. Thrive on Plant Based Health Foods & Lifestyle biohacks to limit Radiation Exposure. Sleep Hygiene, Stress management, Movement, Sense of Purpose and exploration of the Blue Zones.

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