Organic Ceramonial Matcha


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Organic highest grade pure Japanese matcha powder. Perfect high dose of antioxidant, antiangiogenic, anti cancer flavonoid EGCG. Whisk into 80 degree water or plant based milk for a beautifully stimulating beverage with huge health benefits. Matcha Kotobuki is a blend of first harvest Tencha – Origin Makizono, Kagoshima on the foot of the Kirishima volcanic mountain range. Grown on Volcanic soil called Shirasu. This vibrant green powder is composed of tender spring Tencha leaves shade-grown for 20 days before harvest on the pristine slopes of the Kirishima volcanic mountain range in Makizono, Kagoshima. The young leaves are steamed and dried immediately after harvest to maintain their freshness. The next step is sorting and de-stemming, to obtain the raw material for Matcha called ‘Tencha’, which is blended and stored in a refrigerator before being ground in a stone mill gradually throughout the year. Always freshly ground, this organic Matcha reveals a velvety jade liquor that will offer a deep and mellow umami balanced with a delightful slightly bitter sweet flavor in the finish. This tea is perfect for the daily preparation of smooth, frothy Usucha (light ceremonial Matcha) to be enjoyed casually at anytime.

Darren spent three years searching for the very best matcha with the highest possible standards, certified organic, highest levels of EGCG and grown in a unique region of Japan. After testing many varieties of matcha from many companies in Japan. Darren fell in love with a very unique matcha organicaly grown by a family in Kagoshima using very unique methods on the foot of Kirishima volcanic mountain range. ” This is the best quality matcha and highest possible grade matcha I could find and it tastes amazing, for anybody with an interest in health and longevity, daily matcha consumption is a must, so Im super happy to partner with this small organic matcha farming family in Kagoshima who are equally passionate about matcha as me.”