Online Diploma in Plant Based Nutritional Science, Culinary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine


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Professional Online Diploma in Plant Based Nutritional Science, Culinary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

Course Description & Details


Professional Online Diploma

12 Comprehensive Modules : Fully Online Course 6-12 Month Course Р250 Euro:  Estimated: 1000 hours
Individuals who may benefit from the program:

Individuals who hold a qualification in science, or registered dietitians, physicians and other health professionals who desire to apply evidenced base for plant-based diets in their practice, those who want to pursue a plant based business, health educators who want to communicate the health benefits of plant-based eating for health promotion, students motivated to promote sustainable diets, and those interested in lifestyle medicine and plant based nutrition on an advanced level.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate grasp of the science of nutrients essential to analyze the role of plant foods in supporting and optimizing human health and longevity
  • Employ research skills to interpret data on nutrition and apply it to health promotion and intake requirements across the life cycle
  • Develop evidence-based food guidance for plant-centered eating for optimizing health and preventing disease
  • Evaluate the impact of plant-based diets on planetary health, ecology and the environment
  • Communicate nutrition concepts effectively to individuals and populations
  • Demonstrate expert skill in culinary medicine, specifically plant based culinary art
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of lifestyle medicine principles
  • Demonstrate confidence in Daoist herbalism principles
  • Understand the damaging effects ion sugar and sugar substitutes and demonstrate skill in avoiding use of traditional sweeteners.

Admissions Requirements

Our professional certificate. If you have not already completed the professional certificate course, you will undertake this as part of the diploma program. You will also be required to spend approx 1000 hours with our online content and commit to 12 online private tutoring classes with faculty.


There are no prerequisites for this course, this diploma program covers all foundational information on nutritional science, cell biology, nutritional biochemistry, lifestyle medicine, culinary medicine and culinary art. We do require you to have a passion for the course material and a drive to research on the topics.

Culminating experience (Non-thesis)

The diploma program requires that students complete a culminating research based written and practical comprehensive exam carried out under the supervision of the program faculty online. Students will also present their assignments in an oral presentation to their program faculty online.

Educational Effectiveness Indicators

  • Comprehensive examination
  • Research and practical assignments
  • Virtual presentation of exam

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