Advanced Degree Course

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12 Comprehensive Modules : Blended Course Online and In Person Course 12 – 24 Month Course – 8250 Euro Includes 12 private online tutoring 90 minute classes with Instructor and 12 x 4 hour classes at our university covering demonstration, lecture and discussion of material. Min: 1200 hours

This advanced degree program is designed to provide students with advanced training in plant based nutritional science, lifestyle medicine and culinary art with an emphasis on culinary medicine. The program offers advanced insights and research in nutritional science, cell biology, lifestyle medicine and culinary medicine with an emphasis on the role of plant-based dietary practices in human health and the environment. The program prepares students for careers in the field of nutrition, promoting plant-based nutrition for health in health care facilities, wellness industry, food service, educational institutions, for a leadership role in academia, government, or food industry, and careers involving evidence-based communication of plant-based nutritional science for the health and well-being of the individual, population and the planet.The degree requires a minimum of 1200 hours and includes research and practise, culminating in written and practical assignments and a comprehensive exam. This is considered a non-thesis degree program. A written and practical comprehensive examination is required.

Program Details

Individuals who may benefit from the program

Individuals who hold a qualification in science, or registered dietitians, physicians and other health professionals who desire to apply evidenced base for plant-based diets in their practice, those who want to pursue a plant based business, health educators who want to communicate the health benefits of plant-based eating for health promotion, students motivated to promote sustainable diets, and those interested in lifestyle medicine and plant based nutrition on an advanced level.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate grasp of the science of nutrients essential to analyze the role of plant foods in supporting and optimizing human health and longevity
  • Employ research skills to interpret data on nutrition and apply it to health promotion and intake requirements across the life cycle
  • Develop evidence-based food guidance for plant-centered eating for optimizing health and preventing disease
  • Evaluate the impact of plant-based diets on planetary health, ecology and the environment
  • Communicate nutrition concepts effectively to individuals and populations
  • Demonstrate expert skill in culinary medicine, specifically plant based culinary art
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of lifestyle medicine principles
  • Demonstrate confidence in Daoist herbalism principles
  • Understand the damaging effects ion sugar and sugar substitutes and demonstrate skill in avoiding use of traditional sweeteners.

Educational Effectiveness Indicators

  • Comprehensive examination
  • Research and practical assignments
  • Oral presentation of exam

Admissions Requirements

Our professional certificate or diploma program, if you have not already completed one of the courses, you will undertake this as part of the degree program. You must be available to take the 12comprehensive modules in person at Plant Based Academy. We offer you the opportunity a number of times per year to join faculty in class to cover the 12 comprehensive modules over a two week period. You will also be required to spend approx 1200 hours with our online content and commit to12 online private tutoring classes with faculty.


There are no prerequisites for this course, this diploma program covers all foundational information on nutritional science, cell biology, nutritional biochemistry, lifestyle medicine, culinary medicine and culinary art. We do require you to have a passion for the course material and a drive to research on the topics.

Culminating experience (Non-thesis)

The degree program requires that students complete a culminating research basedwritten and practical comprehensive exam carried out under the supervision of theprogram faculty. Students will also present their assignments in an oral presentationto their program faculty.

The Advanced Degree Program Comprehensive Course Curriculum Modules:

  • Module 1: Plant Based Nutritional Science: Plant Based Health Myths, Pitfalls & Essentials. LongTerm Sustainable Veganism. – An Introduction to Phytochemicals.
  • Module 2: The Art of Advanced Fermentation & The Science of Gut Microbiota, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics & Psychobiotics. Increasing Phytochemical Content Via Fermentation.
  • Module 3: Advanced Exploration of Phytochemicals, Culinary Medicine & Medicinal LiquidNutrition. Smoothies, Seed Milks, Salads, Sprouts & Cold Pressed Elixirs.
  • Module 4: Taoist Herbalism & Medicinal Mushrooms. Tonics, Teas, Tinctures & Extractions. TheScience of Adaptogenics & Herbal Nootropics. – Phytochemicals Continues with Adaptogenic Herbs.
  • Module 5: The Art and Science of the World’s Healthiest Raw Chocolate & Healthy Light RefinedVegetable Desserts. Healthy Sugar Alternatives, Nut Free Cakes & Medicinal Cookies. – The SweetMagic of Polyphenols.
  • Module 6: Raw Food Dehydration & Slow Cooking. Crackers, Breads, Crisps, Cookies & Wraps. TheDangers of high heat cooking and toxic byproducts. – Raw Food Vs Living Food & the preservation of phytochemicals.
  • Module 7: Molecular Gastronomy : Breaking The Cell Wall for Flavour, Nutrient Bioavailability, Optimum Digestion and Texture. Taking a Humble Ingredient and Elevating it to a World Class Dish using refined practices and fine dining techniques.
  • Module 8: Raw Gourmet Medicinal Meal Demonstration. Costing, Planning,Writing & Executing aMenu.
  • Module 9: Practical & Written Exam – 5 Course Fine Dining Refined & Medicinal Plant Based MenuPresentation. Setting up a Plant Based Business, Menu Costings & Profit & Loss.
  • Module 10: Phytochemicals for the Integumentary System.Plant Based Skin Care & Cosmetics which are Raw Vegan Organic & Edible. Medicinal Face Care Protocol & Nurturing the Moist Envelope of the Soul with Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).
  • Module 11: Lifestyle Medicine Part I. BioHacking & Functional Health. How to achieve optimum Health, Happiness & Longevity with Passion, vitality and Incredible Relationships.
  • Module 12: Lifestyle Medicine Part II. Raw Food on The Go & How to Travel and Thrive on Plant Based Health Foods & Lifestyle biohacks to limit Radiation Exposure.