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Plant Based Franchise Opportunity

//Plant Based Franchise Opportunity

Plant Based Franchise Opportunity

Plant Based Franchise Opportunity with World Leading Culinary Institute Plant Based Academy. Plant Based Academy is a world renowned international raw vegan organic plant based training institute. We are a world leading authority on Culinary Medicine, Raw Food Mastery, Lifestyle Medicine and Plant Based nutritional science. Our training includes refined fine dining raw food mastery training, plant based nutritional science training, comprehensive lifestyle medicine training, advanced herbalism training, vegan organic edible skincare training and much more. Plant Based Academy offers a number of advanced and comprehensive professional certificate courses and introduction courses around the world. Including one day single module certificate courses, 7 day intensive professional certificate courses, our unique 12-week professional certificate course and our special graduates teaching training diploma program. Plant Based Academy is dedicated and obsessively committed to "sustainable veganism" through plant based nutrition & lifestyle education. We believe strongly that with the proper guidance and knowledge on correct plant based nutritional science that not only is a plant based vegan diet and lifestyle an incredibly ethical decision for animals and our planet but a perfectly adequate and life long sustainable health promoting, disease preventing and reversing approach for all of us.

Join The Plant Based Revolution and become a part of the fastest growing movement and enterprise. This is a great opportunity to own and run a plant based business . Becoming a franchise member of Plant Based Academy is an opportunity to be leading in the field of plant based education which has over 10 years reputation as the best plant based course on the planet.

Our comprehensive training courses and our unique content will set you at a distinct advantage, and ensure that your plant based training academy with us is a successful and profitable career move. With our franchise package you will participate in our one week long intensive professional certificate training program, then complete the 12 week graduates teacher training Diploma. There is a minimum investment required and a yearly maintenance fee. Included for the fee is our website and all website maintenance where your students will access the online course content. You will receive very clear detailed lecture notes so that each module can be delivered professionally and effectively with confidence.

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