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Professional Online Trainings

Professional Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, Culinary Medicine and Fine Dining Raw Food Mastery

9  Modules : Fully Online Course 6-12 Month Course – 1750 Euro – Approx : 500 hours.

This comprehensive professional certificate culinary course is recommended for students with strong ambitions who have an interest in plant based cooking with No prior culinary experience is required.We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. 

Online Diploma


Professional Online Trainings

Online Diploma in Plant Based Nutritional Science, Culinary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

12 Comprehensive Modules : Fully Online Course 6-12 Month Course – 2500 Euro  Approx : 1000 hours.

This diploma program covers all foundational information on nutritional science, cell biology, nutritional biochemistry, lifestyle medicine, culinary medicine and culinary art.

Online Degree


Professional Online Trainings

Online Degree Course in Plant Based Nutritional Science, Culinary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

12 Comprehensive Modules : Blended Course Online and Private Tutoring 12 – 24 Month Course – 4550 Euro Includes 12 private online tutoring 90 minute classes with Instructor . Approx : 1200 hours.

This advanced online degree program is designed to provide students with advanced training in plant based nutritional science, lifestyle medicine and culinary art with an emphasis on culinary medicine. The program offers advanced insights and research in nutritional science, cell biology, lifestyle medicine and culinary medicine with an emphasis on the role of plant-based dietary practices in human health and the environment. The program prepares students for careers in the field of nutrition, promoting plant-based nutrition for health in health care facilities, wellness industry, food service, educational institutions, for a leadership role in academia, government, or food industry, and careers involving evidence-based communication of plant-based nutritional science for the health and well-being of the individual, population and the planet