Plant Based Nutritional Science: – An Introduction to Phytochemicals. (Online Only)

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Module 1: Plant Based Nutritional Science: Plant Based Health Myths, Pitfalls & Essentials. Long Term Sustainable Veganism. – An Introduction to Phytochemicals, Hormesis and How to Thrive on a Plant Based Diet.

Take this as a stand alone course or as Module 1 of the Professional Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Degree Program. This course can also be taken with a 90 minute private tutoring session with one of our expert lecturers at Plant Based Academy. This comprehensive online certificate course will help you understand the importance of a plant based diet and nutrition for optimal health and longevity. Created by nutrition experts with years of research, practise and clinical observations. This course is a deep dive into plant based nutritional science in theory and practise including in-depth lessons on cell biology, nutritional biochemistry, metabolism, hormones and disease progression & prevention. The courses provides research and perspectives to emphasize why following a plant-based diet is optimal for health and longevity with a large focus on where a plant based diet can go wrong highlighting some pitfalls.

This is the most comprehensive plant based nutrition course as a stand alone course and as part of our certificate, diploma and degree program. It is aimed to provide evidence-based plant-based nutrition perspective and practical application for the health of the individual, population, and the planet.  This program is completely online with well structured lessons on cell biology, biochemistry, metabolism, hormones and  nutritional science with a focus on the role of plant-based diet patterns, plant foods, and nutrients with respect to promoting health, preventing disease, and sustaining the planet, along with the evidenced-based approach to applying the principles of plant-based eating for the health of the individual and population. The program culminates in a research project assignment with a written report. The program provides background experience for those interested in careers in the health industry settings, provides advanced training in plant-based nutrition for physicians and other health professionals who want to apply this in their practice, is a stepping stone to pursue our Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Degree, trains health educators who want to promote health and prevent lifestyle diseases, and prepare those that want to work in programs on environmental sustainability.

Individuals who may benefit from this course

Individuals with a passion for plant based nutrition seeking a formal comprehensive qualification and training. Individuals who hold a degree in science, or registered dieticians, physicians and other health professionals who desire to apply evidenced base for plant-based diets in their practice, those who want to pursue a further education in plant based nutrition, working professionals that need a comprehensive certificate in plant based nutrition that is online, health educators who want to communicate the health benefits of plant-based eating for health promotion, students motivated to promote sustainable diets, and those interested in culinary medicine and lifestyle nutrition.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a grasp of the science of nutrients essential to analyze the role of plant foods in supporting and optimizing human health and longevity
  • Employ research skills to interpret data on nutrition and apply it to health promotion and intake requirements across the life cycle 
  • Develop evidence-based food guidance for plant-centered eating for optimizing health and preventing disease 
  • Evaluate the impact of plant-based diets on planetary health, ecology and the environment
  • Communicate nutrition concepts effectively to individuals and populations

Educational Effectiveness Indicators

  • Comprehensive assignments 

Admissions Requirements

  • Interest or qualification in biology, nutrition, or equivalent field, or health professional 
  • Transitioning to a plant based diet
  • Clinician looking to incorporate plant based nutrition.
  • Student of nutritional sciences or health sciences
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Section 1: Introduction To Plant Based Nutrition
Section 2: Plant Based Nutrition Main Content
Section 3: Plant Based Nutrition Science
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