Phytochemicals for the Integumentary System. Plant Based Skin Care (Online Only)

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Module 10: Phytochemicals for the Integumentary System. Plant Based Skin Care & Cosmetics which are Raw Vegan Organic & Edible. Medicinal Face Care Protocol & Nurturing the Moist Envelope of the Soul with Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).

Take this as a stand alone course or as Module 10 of the Professional Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Degree Program. This course can also be taken with a 90 minute private tutoring session with one of our expert lecturers at Plant Based Academy. This comprehensive online certificate course will help you understand the integumentary system and the importance of removing toxic chemicals form your skincare recipes and replacing them with phytochemicals. Created by culinary medicine experts with years of research, culinary practise and clinical observations. This course is a deep dive into the art and science of vegan organic skincare and keeping the integumentary system healthy. This course is very rich in content and recipes, hundreds of recipes to incorporate medicinal herbs, oils, spices etc into your skincare protocol for yourself and family or clients.

The integumentary system, consisting of the skin and its derivatives, is the largest and one of the most complex systems of the body. The surface area of the skin covers about 1.8 square meters (19.4 square feet) of the body of the average male adult. The skin weighs about six pounds and receives roughly one-third of all blood circulating through the body. It is difficult to think of the skin as a system, but it is a complex of organs (sweat glands, oil glands, and so forth). It is elastic, regenerates, and functions in protection, thermoregulation, and sensation. The protection, sensations, secretions, and the other functions which the integument gives to the rest of the body are essential for life. Changes in the normal appearance of the skin often indicate abnormalities or disease of body function.

Individuals who may benefit from this course

Individuals with a passion for plant based nutrition and vegan organic skincare which is using food instead of toxins on our bodies and incorporating some very specific foods and compounds for optimal health and longevity.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a grasp of the science of phytochemicals relating to skincare.
  • Competency in advanced plant based skincare skill and application.
  • Understand the mechanism by which removing toxic skincare products can play a role in treating and prevent metabolic diseases.
  • Understand the integumentary system anatomy and function
  • Understand biological dentistry.

Educational Effectiveness Indicators

  • Comprehensive assignments 
  • Practical Culinary Presentation

Admissions Requirements

  • Interest or qualification in biology, nutrition, or equivalent field, or health professional. 
  • Transitioning to a plant based diet.
  • Clinician looking to incorporate plant based nutrition and vegan skincare
  • Student of nutritional sciences or health sciences.
  • Interest in addressing, preventing and reversing disease states via removal of toxic skincare products
  • individuals with an interest and passion in natural product dvelopment