Immunity: Eating to Beat Disease (Online Only)

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In The Ultimate Immunity Course, you’ll learn about the processes that enable our immune systems to respond to evolving threats, and understand nutritional applications for immunology-based disease treatments. Now is the best time to fortify your immune system against pathogens. ThisOnline course is a comprehensive research-based guide for natural, nutritional and technological prevention against potential pathogens. Protecting yourself from viral and bacterial infections is possible and with the help of this course, you might avoid serious complications. This course is mainly focused on general fortification of the immune system against common pathogens. All methods presented in this course are based on scientific studies.

This online certificate course is led by Plant Based Academy faculty and features:

  • detailed text, animations, videos and illustrations of medical concepts and culinary medicine
  • clinical application recipes
  • Advanced information on fermentation and the microbiome
  • Transmission of viral and bacterial diseasesImmune system and how it functions
  • Behavioral strategies for strengthening the immune system
  • Nutrients, foods, supplements, and herbs relevant to the immune system
  • Foods and substances that can weaken the immune response
  • Technological and practical interventions to prevent infections
  • Detecting an infection with laboratory testing and self-quantification
  • Food recipes for supporting the immune system