LifeStyle Medicine Certificate Course

Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic intervention—including a whole-food, plant-predominant eating pattern, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and positive social connection—as a primary modality, delivered by clinicians trained and certified in this specialty, to prevent, treat, […]

Molecular Gastronomy Plant Based (Online Only)

Module 7: Molecular Gastronomy : Breaking The Cell Wall for Flavour, Nutrient Bioavailability, Optimum Digestion and Texture. Taking a Humble Ingredient and Elevating it to a World Class Dish using refined practices and fine dining techniques. Take this as a stand alone course or as Module […]

Raw Food Dehydration & Slow Cooking (Online Only)

Module 6: Raw Food Dehydration & Slow Cooking. Crackers, Breads, Crisps, Cookies & Wraps. The Dangers of high heat cooking and toxic byproducts. – Raw Food Vs Living Food & the preservation of phytochemicals. Take this as a stand alone course or as Module 6 of […]

Daoist Herbalism & Medicinal Mushrooms (Online Only)

Module 4: Taoist Herbalism & Medicinal Mushrooms. Tonics, Teas, Tinctures & Extractions. The Science of Adaptogenics & Herbal Nootropics. – Phytochemicals Continues with Adaptogenic Herbs. Take this as a stand alone course or as Module 4 of the Professional Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Degree Program. This […]

Immunity: Eating to Beat Disease (Online Only)

In The Ultimate Immunity Course, you’ll learn about the processes that enable our immune systems to respond to evolving threats, and understand nutritional applications for immunology-based disease treatments. Now is the best time to fortify your immune system against pathogens. ThisOnline course is a comprehensive […]