Welcome to Plant Based Academy - World Leading University

Our professional courses are not only the most recognised plant based courses available but also the most comprehensive and at the best value plant based qualification in the world.

For over 15 years now we have been offering advanced and comprehensive training and education in plant based nutritional science, lifestyle medicine and culinary medicine to International students from around the world. We have offered training and education online and at our schools in Dublin Ireland and Bali. In 2023 we stepped into a big new adventure by building a school and education experience on a 20 acre organic off grid regenerative farm in Tarragona Spain. All of our in person courses now take place in our brand new school in Spain over a 3 day or 7 day intensive and experiential course. We no longer offer in person training in Ireland or Bali. Our courses focus on plant based nutritional science , culinary medicine and lifestyle medicine including advanced fermentation & herbalism and we also include modules on advanced cacao making, regenerative agriculture and plant based medicinal skincare. Our Ethos is 100% organic, 100% sugar free and always medicinal. We do not use any processed sugars such as agave, coconut sugar or nectar. We have set up dedicated spaces to offer students a visceral experience such as our micro green and sprout house area with its own juice bar, our fermentation bar with kombucha on tap and our stone house cellar for ferment such as vinegars, kimchi and pickles, a compost section and raised bed section and much more.

Plant Based training and education is a life changing course and an incredible investment. Our Courses are suitable for doctors, nurses, chefs, health enthusiasts, experienced vegans and raw foodists, complete beginners and people looking to start a plant based business. We have had hundreds of students come through our courses over many years and many of them have used their professional certificates and diplomas to gain employment in plant based businesses around the world and to build new plant based businesses. Many students have also use their training to assist them in the pursuit of optimum health for themselves and loved ones. On our world unique training courses you will learn how to prepare the healthiest vegan food on the planet completely sugar free , refined, medicinal and super delicious . You will also learn about the scientific mechanisms, metabolic pathways and processes to reverse and prevent aging and chronic illnesses. You will learn about plant compounds which activate certain genes which turn on longevity and contribute to incredible health and energy and turn off certain genes responsible for inflammation and ageing.


Professional Certificate

The Certificate course is a fully online format, suitable for Individuals who have an interest in plant based nutrition and culinary medicine.

Approx: 500 Hours


The Diploma course is a blended online & private tutoring format, suitable for Individuals who hold a qualification in science, registered dieticians physicians, and other health professionals who desire to apply evidenced base for plant-based diets in their practice.

Approx: 1000 Hours

Advanced Degree

The advanced degree program is a blended format of online, in personal & private tutoring. This is the first-degree program in plant-based nutrition in the world.

Approx: 1200 Hours