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Beautiful Goddess Moisturiser 60 ml

//Beautiful Goddess Moisturiser 60 ml

Beautiful Goddess Moisturiser 60 ml


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A magical cream that helps to promote a vibrant , refreshing and smooth complexion whilst bathing your skin in aromatic, soothing, nurturing and rejuvenating essential oils, organic butters and herbal extracts. Perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types. All oils and butters are cold pressed. Sold in a dark amber glass jar to protect all live enzymes and nutrients . All ingredients are 100% ORGANIC and 100% RAW VEGAN and 100% EDIBLE. Made with Lots for love x

Beautified is a Brand New Raw Vegan Organic & Edible cosmetic range from Life Change Health Institute including Tooth paste, Toners, Gum repair cream, Shave cream, Moisturiser, Perfume, Aftershave, Lip balm, Infection cream, Massage cream, Mouth Rinse and Bath bombs. Purchase some of our new range now and indulge yourself, also Check out our New Website coming soon